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About City Of Stevenson
Stevenson City Park
.The April 27th Tornados were devestating to many, and is a day that none of us will soon forget. Stevenson's main damage was contained to our park. The sign to the left shows the Willie Stewart field. The Tan bricks were from the origanal sign and were recycled to construct this new sign. The sign on the right is the back side of the Wille Stewart sign and was painted in Memory of the April 27th Tornados. The tornado on the left of the sign represents the devestation and destruction suffered on that day. The praying hands in the middle show us that their is hope, and the hope is represented by neighbors selflessly helping one another, most helping folks they didnt even know. The Rose is a symbol for those that lost their lives on that terrible day. And lastly the blue skys are a symbol of hope for the future. 

The Stevenson City Park is a beautiful place to come and spend the day. The Park is the pride of our city and offers many various activities including, a play ground, walking trail, boat dock, swimming pool, tennis courts, numerious ball fields, and a large amphitheater with a quality sound system and large seating area. 

The Stevenson Amphitheater is a state of the art location for concerts, which includes a very nice sound system and insulated wall panels to help prevent feedback. The amphitheater has a large "party" room and dressing rooms for guests. For information about this facility contact Stevenson City Hall at 256-437-3000. 
Restroom/Dressing Room area
Kitchen/Party Room Area
The Gazebo by the water the and Boat Dock
Relax and enjoy the view and the 
Sounds of Nature!
Boat Ramp and Fishing Dock